Disclarity – What Will Be Left Review

Disclarity what will be leftAlthough Disclarity has been a band for four years, 2016 marks the release of their debut album What Will Be Left (following on from 2012’s Lost Integrity EP) and it’s clear that taking their time over this album has paid off because it’s a musically solid piece that is well-constructed and shows the band giving a powerful performance.

What’s particularly good about What Will Be Left is the fact that Disclarity have got the balance between melody and aggression just right. At times the vocals and guitars are heavy and in-your-face, and at other times they take a step back and take a more melodic route, and it all just seems to work – the album is a pleasure to listen to.

One such example is in fifth track Light Dies, which is arguably one of the highlights of the album, and it begins with a stripped back and gentle-sounding introduction before the half-shouted, half-sang vocals join in on top and it progresses like this for a while before the full band kicks in and delivers what is perhaps one of the catchiest choruses of all time. After you hear it once, it will inevitably wind up stuck in your head and you’re going to want to go back and listen to it again.

Another fantastic inclusion is closer Vanish, which features a tremendous vocal approach in the chorus that sees both harsh and clean vocals combined, performing the same line in sync with one another. Additionally, the chugging guitars that keep the track moving are magnificently tight, and are like the icing on the cake for this track.

All in all, What Will Be Left is a stunning listen. It’s heavy when it needs to be, and melodic when it doesn’t. Disclarity is a band going places – you definitely need to keep your eye out for these!


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