Dirty Thrills – Growing Young EP Review

Dirty Thrills…the name of this band pretty much sums everything up itself. It practically goes hand-in-hand with the music. The 4-piece, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Louis James, lead guitarist Jack Fawdry, drummer Steve Corrigan and bassist Jamie Hopkins, play the sort of, bluesy, dirty rock’n’roll fitting of an American dessert road biker bar.

Opening track “Shivers” comes swaggering out of your speakers demanding every body’s attention. It’s uncomplicated structure drawing you in, gradually picking up the pace and coming to life nearer the end of the track, a proper foot-tapping finale.

“Drunk Words” is a gentler offering. A slow grinding blues number, in places reminiscent of the late Jeff Buckley with it’s stripped back, raw sound. Beautifully done.

The title track, “Growing Young” returns to that biker bar vibe, “southern” rock style guitars driving the song. There is a very personal and sentimental feel to this track, very coming of age…then comes the 4th and final track, “You’re In Trouble”. A grittier affair, heavier bass lines and a slight distortion, with vocals ranging from brooding to belting. Dirty Thrills play with such a passion for what they do, with a natural, clean flowing sound, it’s hard to believe they were only founded in October 2012.

Currently unsigned…it’s probably a safe bet that DT will get picked up before the year is out…such quality simply speaks for itself. In the mean time, grab a glass, pour some whiskey, sit back and enjoy. Let’s all grow young together.


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