Interview with Victoria Harrison aka Dirty Harry

Victoria Harrison aka Dirty Harry, aka Harry is something of a legend. She has been around the music business for quite some time, releasing the albums ‘The Trouble With… Harry’ in 2003 and the excellent ‘Songs From The Edge’ in 2007, to singing and appearing in a video with Cradle Of Filth for the song ‘Temptation’. Not only that, she also appears singing with Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee on the song ‘Making Me Crazy’ from his solo album ‘TommyLand’, to most recently touring with Gary Newman and releasing a new EP ‘God Shaped Hole’ with a brand new line-up. We were lucky enough to catch up with Harry just after the tour and hear what she has to say, and believe me when Harry talks, you listen!

1. Who are you and what do you do?
I am Harry, I fucking Rock.

2. How did you get started?

Out of the womb, heard the beat of the drum and remembered why I came back down to earth for.

3. What have you got going on at the moment?

Just finished a tour supporting Gary Numan with my awesome new band around England & Ireland. Have a single out this May and starting up the whole machine again after a bit of a sabbatical in Hollyweird.

4. Favourite music and why?

Rock n Roll, I identify with it in my bones and soul. I find it very healing dealing with my suppressed anger.

5. Favourite book and why?

The 50th Law, I just read it over Xmas. Not that I am a 50 cent fan but I love Robert Greene, he is so academic and this book is far more palatable then The Art of Seduction or The 48 Laws of Power, which makes it a good read.

6. Favourite film and why?

Performance. Jagger in his physical peak. Enough said. Or Out Of the Blue, it’s about a girl who loves punk rock music. Neil Young famously did the movies song. Dennis Hopper did this straight after Easy Rider and it doesn’t get any exposure and it’s just bloody great.

7. Best experience in the business?

Too many to mention but being in the studio with Slash was pretty awesome!

8. Tell our readers an interesting fact about yourself/company/band?
We all get together and perform Indian shamonic dancing rituals before we go on stage.

9. Best thing about coming from/being/playing in Wales?

It’s nice to drive through. Last time we played there I was super sick and our dressing room was the whole of a club in a place that was like a car park, so I was quite cold, shivery and nearly keeling over, so not so great memories of the last visit, but the crowd was great!

10. Who are your role models/idols?

I don’t have any, they all totally fell off their pedestals. Buddha’s a pretty good one though!

11. Hardest thing about the current business?

No-one wants to spend any money, but it also is the best thing about the business right now. We’re all getting very creative!

Check out Harry at and look for big things in 2010 from her.
A massive Thank you to Harry for taking the time to do this for us.

Words: Paul Esp

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3 Comments on Interview with Victoria Harrison aka Dirty Harry

  1. I saw her perform about 6 or 7 years ago – and she freakin RAWKED! I LOVE “the trouble with Harry” album. It’s chick rock, and I’m a big chick rock fan. If it’s not your thing..then whatever, but I love it! Will definately try to catch another gig if I get chance.

  2. I caught her supporting Gary Numan. This girl is such a sham. The music is a combination of all the worst Rock ‘n’ Roll clichés since 1960. Utter, utter fakery in the highest degree; cringeworthy!

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