Dimman – Guide My Fury Review

Dimman are another great example of how the Finnish are leading the world not only in politics but in alternative styles of music. Although they hail themselves as melodeath their prog leanings tend towards giving them more of a symphonic metal sound. It’s all Gothic though. The macabre self-reflection is strong with this one.

Guide My Fury isn’t about directing an ice-pick into the forehead of a wet t-shirt contestants forehead, unfortunately. There’s a bit more depth to be had here than just simple fist fucking the air as well. For the most part the abstraction on this EP works exceptionally well. However the self-reflection, as told musically, is rather self-indulgent. It also works though, as all the principles of emphatic metal are here. Even a beautifully orchestrated outro tracks. Which are almost a thing of the past as not all albums were made to be conceptual.

With the theme of death here more a loose fit, the final track of this EP is more of an intermission (at least when you have the EP on repeat.) It’s the mid-album hibernation to a record that will leave you hungry. With the EP composed mostly by a relentless barrage of wailing guitar riffs and intense blast beats. Abandoning you to a glorious serenade after a violent outburst of composite melodies that swoop and soar. Dimman weave a fecund sphere of influence that resonates deeper with each passing listen to this their first EP.

There’s quite a few layers to the melodies on Guide My Fury and one might say that you’d be spoiled for choice in selecting the most prevalent. Yet there’s a more important question to answer with all the genre posturing that comes with Dimman, and that is: do they know how to Djent?

Fuck knows. Probably. It’s satisfyingly discordant and that counts for something.


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