Digits – Acquiesce To Violence EP Review

Digits are an Alternative-Rock group hailing from Newcastle. Their debut E.P ‘Acquiesce to Violence’ is due to be released on 11th November. The band have already played venues such as o2 Academy’s across the country in support of ‘Jackass’ star Bam Margera’s covers band.

Acquiesce to Violence takes no time getting going. The opening track is ferocious, although it sounds frighteningly similar to Limp Bizkit’s Eat You Alive. It’s easy to see why this was chosen as the opening track; it has a lot of balls.

Other stand out tracks are Golden and Violence. Although in Golden the lyrics feel a little childish, however this is a catchy pop-rock number. Violence is another good example of intelligent writing, with strong vocals and a great production, the track progresses nicely. It has pop elements that provide an interesting listen with alternating clean and screamed vocals that you’ll find throughout.

At its core, this is a progressive pop-rock E.P, it’s not outstanding but it still provides an enjoyable listen. If you like your pop-rock with attitude then you’ll enjoy this.


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