Dicepeople x Moi Saint – Shallow Under Skin Review

2018 looks set to be a great year for music, especially if Dicepeople and Moi Saint have anything to do with it. Shallow Under Skin isn’t your typical split EP, though, as it’s a proper collaboration between the two bands with instrumentation from Dicepeople and Moi Saint. It brings both of the artists’ sounds together and has created something unique.

The EP features two songs, along with remixes of both tracks, and each of the songs are good in their own way. The title track, Shallow Under Skin, is perhaps the stronger of the two, featuring some wonderfully dark sounding electronics coupled with a catchy chorus that will soon find its way under your skin. The remix (by Microchip Junky) is a lighter-sounding number in comparison, with the slightly different sounds adding a completely different vibe to the song.

The other song, Fallen Down, is another great inclusion. It takes a little longer to get going, and is more of a slow burner that takes a few listens to properly get into, but it is definitely worth the effort to appreciate. It’s not quite as catchy as Shallow Under Skin, but it does have this hypnotic feel to it, especially thanks to the ethereal vocals, and the underlying heaviness to the instrumentation is fantastic. Again, like with the other remix, Deflexity’s take on the track gives it another new spin and adds a few more layers and intrigue to the song.

All in all, this is an EP well worth your time to check out. Admittedly it would be nice to have heard a few more tracks from this excellent collaboration as two unique tracks isn’t quite enough – but nevertheless Shallow Under Skin is a great listen and one I’ll definitely be coming back to.


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