Devilish Impressions – The I Review

This is an absolutely delightful album! Start to finish. An impeccable piece of black metal.

Devilish Impressions darkest, heaviest and most intriguing album The I is the bands’ fourth release and what a mighty release it is. Having checked off on all the above and then some. This occult driven masterpiece is fuelled with insidious riffs.

Tuned to the beast this album is a carnal delight that takes its own time to lure you in with its mesmeric brilliance. It’s somewhat fresh to hear a black metal album that doesn’t practice carpe juggulum and while without feeling forced. Easily identifiable The I is bursting with personality. It’s the freak in the crowd and it’s not often you get an article of black metal that’s so unique. Although famous for its DIY approach the genre is mired in a brutal mess of intense camaraderie.

Devilish Impressions while fitting into the genre are a bit more sophisticated than just blast beats, trem picking – breaks – and scrowling. (screeching and growling. All one word!) Even just looking at the bass lines: they themselves are wonderfully elegant, and to be honest that’s not something you really consider when listening to black metal. It’s there though, just like the atmosphere on this album.

There’s an old Christian proverb that says that the devil is in the details. Devilish Impressions give the deil agency and practice that to the fullest extent of what it means to be capable of excellent craftsmanship.


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  1. Same. Reminds me of OCR and early Hecate Enthroned a bit too. Definitely going to have to keep an eye out and see if they’re playing locally sometime soon.

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