De Profundis – Kingdom Of The Blind Review

de profundis De Profundis are back with their new album Kingdom Of The Blind and it’s a very powerful offering that shows the band on top form, more than proving that they are an absolute force to be reckoned with. Very tight and together, this could perhaps be the outfit’s best release yet. De Profundis know where their strengths lie; they have taken what worked from their past releases and have built on them in order to make an album that will really stick in your head.

A particularly good element of Kingdom Of The Blind is that the band always moves as a unit and it’s clear how in-tune they are with one another. Each track features some masterful songwriting and are constructed in a way that gives each member time to shine, whilst also ensuring that nothing is overpowering and unbalanced. A good example of this is in their track A Strange Awakening. Opening with a powerful and thick introduction, it grabs your attention and holds it as the track progresses, featuring some tremendously relentless double kick and a magnificent guitar solo.

One of the highlights of the album is fourth track All Consuming. Indeed, the the track is all consuming; you can’t help but get drawn into the song as you take it all in. The vocal performance has a lot of meat to it in particular, and the guitar line has a great proggy edge to it, particularly during the middle stripped-back section. This is a track you’ll want to keep returning to.

As a whole, De Profundis have really created something to be proud of with this album. It is powerful, succinct and memorable – a truly brilliant listen.


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