Dementia Senex – Heartworm Review

HEARTWORM dementia senexHeartworm is the latest release from Italian metallers Dementia Senex, a band who have been billed as playing a mix of death metal, post hardcore and sludge/doom. You can certainly hear that they draw from a wide variety of genres but yet there’s nothing massively distintive about the EP, which is quite disappointing.

Heartworm is almost presented like a sandwich, with two lengthy meatier tracks serving as openers and closers, with a quick and hard-hitting track in the middle which is a definite highlight. Whilst the other two tracks feel a little too long and drag at times, with it almost feeling like you could remove certain sections and it wouldn’t make much difference.

That’s not saying the EP itself doesn’t have any strong points because middle track Kairos definitely showcases the band at their best. Chock-full of noise, aggression and energy, it delivers a lot in a short period of time and leaves the listener wanting more, which is certainly a good thing. However as a whole, Heartworm just feels like it has a lot more to give.

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