Lacuna Coil – The Garage, Glasgow 15/11/16

Lacuna Coil - Delerium Euro Poster

The Delerium Tour takes its name in honour of the newest Lacuna Coil album. While the album and stage show riffs on the less favourable definition of delirious the house was left with the positive meaning, the meaning that came from the good vibes that the bands were exorcising into the room. The Professionals took over Tuesday night at the Garage and so in the famous last words of the Glaswegian crowd ‘Here we, here we, here we fucking go:’

Openers Genus Ordinis Dei and their titular frontman took the stage in a flurry of thrash like shreds. Essentially they were the warm up act but the stage was a kiln not a home cooker for the smoking hot melodies coming from their instruments and while these guys may have appeared like ghosts from the house on the edge of the park, ready to torture us into Delerium, these Italians took video nasty one step further; onto the stage where they effectively melted the room.

With the roof already on fire Forever Still stoked those flames. The Danes may have gotten a rough ride sitting in between the two impassioned Italian acts but they pumped up the jam and made a sizeable din themselves. Returning to the UK to seriously rock their post-grunge hard rock and where on stage they had the confidence and poise of seasoned rock stars. Forever Still put on an emphatic and honest performance, slowing cooking our brains for the headliners.

Lacuna Coil have removed the shackles of their humble beginnings but that’s not to say that they’ve forgotten where they came from. With a set that spanned Comalies to their current album Delerium this is an act who has weathered a few line-up changes only to come out stronger and fiercer. Towards the crowd they were like old friends with an impetus to lay their thoughts and feelings bare.

Greeting the stage to a frenzy Lacuna Coil proceeded to manage a stellar performance. Commanding the atmosphere like the masters of melody that together they are. Creating a soulful dissonance that harmonized with the sweaty room. Singers Christina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro played off each other like beauty and the beast stressing the dynamic range that the band has like no other and with their unique energy radiating through their passionate and expressive stage presence.

Respectfully they welcomed Glasgow into their Sanitarium while letting nothing stand in their way from making the best out of a Tuesday night. Milan might be more renowned for its football but Lacuna Coils’ game impresses that there’s another strong team world famous.


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