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Every Second Counts is the debut EP from Wrexham band Defy All Reason, who describe themselves on their facebook as playing ‘heavy rock/Southern rock’. With influences such as Black Stone Cherry and Shinedown, Defy All Reason could have taken the somewhat lazy route of simply emulating these bands, but whilst there are some similarities they also have their own distinctive style, which is very refreshing to hear.

Opening track Shake It instantly gets the EP off to an energetic start and you can really hear the band’s influences shining through in a good way. Vocalist Gav’s vocals have a fantastic gravelly feel to them that matches the guitar tone fantastically – the perfect sound for an EP like this.

Following this was Behind Those Eyes, a slower song in comparison to the previous one. I found this to be an absolute belter of a track, with massive vocals really shining through. The placement of this song is brilliant too – really contrasting with the sheer energy of the previous track. It also features a rather magnificent guitar solo and it’s almost as if the members want to show off their abilities, with the vocals and guitars in particular having their time to shine. A truly fantastic track.

Coming Home brings the speed right down, however. Whilst this is a stunning track, I have to admit that by this point it did feel like the EP was losing a little bit of steam due to each song becoming progressively slower, especially since each track was also longer than the last!

Closing song Blame It On The Luck And Rock’n’Roll brings the tempo right back up however, and is a great end to the EP, being closer in style to Shake It than the two middle tracks. So in a way, the EP is a bit of a an energetic sandwich with a slower filler – not a bad thing at all, and definitely a release that I can see going down great in a live environment. This is a band to look out for!

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