Defeater – Underworld, London 06/07/12

After an incredible tour with Every Time I Die previously in the year, Defeater hit the UK for a few more shows before a well deserved break for ‘quite some time’ singer Derek Archambault claims.

Straight into The Red, White and Blue, Defeaters concept albums are exceptional lyrically and emotionally. It doesn’t take ten seconds before the crowd erupt into a hysteria and barely twenty seconds before the stage diving frenzy commences.

That’s the thing about these smaller shows that I adore is the intimacy and passion shown from both the crowd and band, it’s a beautiful sight and one that restores faith in the music industry.

Even with two albums and an EP all of Defeaters tracks feel distinct and live worthy. From Dear Father to The Bite And Sting to Empty Glass, all sound glorious and exceptional from them tonight. Mid set moves swiftly into acoustic melody I Don’t Mind performed solely by Derek. A gripping break as the whole floor sings along and respects the down tuned moment. The whole band joins in for acoustic But Breathing turning it into a jumping mania amidst the many fans trying to record the cheeky adaption on their phones.

They complete the set with an encore of Cowardice, a gut churning track that’d turn any venue into a mass pit of stage diving happy loons. A victorious end for hardcore Massachusetts band Defeater.


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