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Deez Nuts

Before catching any bands at Slam Dunk, we had a quick chat with Deez Nuts’ guitarist Matt Rogers ahead of the bands set at the Impericon stage. Here’s what we discussed!

So you’re currently on a co-headline tour with Stick To Your Guns, how has the tour been going so far, have you learnt anything from it?
They’re cool as fuck and they’re my boys but I didn’t learn anything from them, I’ve been touring a long time.

Would you say you’ve taught them anything, then?
Have I taught them anything? Maybe I taught them to loosen up and have a good time, no they’re the shit they’re awesome dudes. They know what they’re doing, they have a lot of years under their belt. I don’t think we’ve really taught each other anything but its good to tour with bands who know what’s up.

You recently released your fourth album Word Is Bond, how would you say the new songs differ from your older material?
They’re heavier, they’re faster, they’re more pissed off.

We’ve heard a lot of reviews saying that the songs are a lot quicker, was this intentional? Did you want the songs to be quicker or was that just how the songs panned out?
We did a lot of cocaine when we were writing it so it just came out really fast.

What are your favourite and least favourite venues to play?
My least favourite venue in the world is The Pinkeye in Tulsa, Oklahoma and my favourite venue.. I don’t know.. the only thing I don’t remember is venues, its cause it’s all I do every day. To be honest with you, I don’t like any venue. I don’t wanna be stuck inside all day. I like House Of Blues and shit.

Would you prefer a festival then?
No, I like European festivals where everything isn’t clumped together but whilst I do like this, I prefer a headline show.

What’s your take on streaming services such as Spotify and most recently, Tidal?
I think it’s sick, the other day I was so stoned and didn’t have Wifi and I’d just got Spotify and was like ‘Fuck I wish I had this album’ but Oh shit I do, you know what I mean like it’s sick. I mean it sucks that… being a recording artist, like you need to get like fucking like 7 million plays before you make like a penny off it and some shit but whatever I don’t care, I just wanna listen to some music.

Who would you recommend that I go check out today at Slam Dunk or in the future?
Trash Talk, um… that’s it.

Quick fire round!
Best thing about being in a band?

Worst thing about being in a band?

Pet Peeves?

Uh, people talking to me like I’m a dick, like people talking down to me and people asking me to smell something whether it’s good or bad.

Football or cricket?

MP3 or vinyl?
MP3 but I like vinyl.

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