Deathstars – The Perfect Cult Review

Deathstars Perfect CultFive years after the release of their last studio album, Deathstars have come back fighting with their latest effort, The Perfect Cult, which has all the makings of an absolutely fantastic Deathstars album, really playing on the band’s strengths with its ten substantial tracks.

The Perfect Cult immediately grabs your interest with the aptly titled opener Explode, which begins atmospherically, setting the scene before the band kicks in and launches into one of the strongest tracks of the album – in particular, the keyboard lines are memorable enough that you’ll find yourself humming along to them in your head long after the album comes to a close.

However, the track that truly steals the show is Asphalt Wings. Sometimes all it takes is a killer introduction for you to know that a song is going to be good and this is a song that more than delivers in that aspect before it even gets fully under way – and when it does, it just completely blows you away. With stunning lead vocals and wonderfully chunky instrumentation, it’s an absolute earworm of a track and is a song you can’t listen to just once.

As a whole, The Perfect Cult is an excellent album from the band and proves that they’re still on top form when it comes to making memorable and interesting music. Sure, it’s perhaps nothing new in Deathstars territory, but as the saying goes – if it isn’t broke, why fix it?


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