Deathless Legacy – Dance With Devils Review

deathless legacy dance with devilsItalians seems to have an uncanny knack for channeling the occult, maybe it has something to do with Latin and -us. Anyway; Deathless Legacy are continuing that spooky Italian tradition on their third album (as Deathless Legacy) called Dance With Devils and I’ve heard enough Tam o’Shanter to know how this turns out but ‘weel done Cutty Sark’ regardless.

With supernatural riffs and savvy chants these virtuous cultists have an affinity for the macabre and one that oozes with panache. As Dance With Devils wears its horrific style in its heart it unabashedly slaughters the innocence of symphonic rock. Which isn’t too gruesome for an ode to the diabolical. Although its primary fashion is a metal album the rich weave Dance With Devils covers is far more complex.

Towards the ensemble Deathless Legacy take the manic organ to the extreme adding harsh edges with organic pulses into their foreboding sound. When you augment that with roaring riffs that are as deep as the depth of hell you get a connection so hot that it’s blindingly visceral. The orchestration as a whole is intense to say the least and made even more fiery by toasty licks that emerge from the choral shadows.

Dance With Devils‘ overall tone is ominous, grandiose and definitively nasty having all the qualities of a romp around a bonfire with cinematic lures, naked. While blending classical orchestration with an operatic passion but without any of the convoluted pomp that often accompanies such integrative challenges. Instead opting for a decidedly metal format with which to cast their spells.

Reminiscent of The Munsters and Addams Family scores within the rhythms that come where the organs vamp there’s a bit of there is a semblance of the American south influencing these possessed riffs. Supplanting an idea of the good ole’ American Gothic. Yet through their impassioned compositions Deathless Legacy make a darker and spookier atmosphere that sounds like their own horror show trampling over crooked splinters.


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