Deathcode Society – Eschatonizer Review

deathcode society eschatonizedEschatonizer is the debut album from Deathcode Society, a band that blends symphonic and extreme metal into one unholy entity. As a whole it is a fairly decent release however at times it does feel like the album is a little lacking.

There’s certainly no faulting the passion and sheer energy that is absolutely brimming from the release, particularly in the hard-hitting vocals and drum line, with more than a few occasions that will see your head banging in time to the music, and there’s a few softer moments in tracks such as fourth song Nails and the more classic-metal vocal approach to eighth track Metal Meltdown adds a nice bit of variety to the piece.

However, it does feel like there is a piece missing from the jigsaw. There just isn’t any moments that really grip you and leave a lasting impression on you – whilst there’s no doubting that the songs are good, they just don’t seem to cross the line into being great.

The raw material is certainly there for something special and Deathcode Society have potential – time will tell if they manage to reach it.


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