Dearly Beloved – Admission Review

dearly-beloved-admissionAdmission, the latest album from Dearly Beloved, definitely has a good amount of bite to it. Blending together various genres to craft a sort of fuzzy punk’n’roll sound and it really works for them.

There’s plenty of great songs on the album, such as the earworm Blood On The Water, which is largely down to the vocal performance – whilst fairly simplistic for the most part, it’s a confident and powerful rendition and it will certainly wind up rattling round your head once the closing chords ring out and you’ve finished listening to Admission. Additionally, another great inclusion is earlier track I Tried To Leave, which is a foot-tappingly good song that is short and to-the-point, featuring a drumline that gives the song a lot of momentum, and the chorus is surely tailor-made for a live environment – it seems perfect to chant along to!

Indeed, you can tell from the musical performance as a whole that this is a band that is best appreciated in a live environment. There’s a lot of energy contained within the ten tracks, no matter if it’s a fast song or a slower one, and if the delivery of these songs on the album is anything to go by, seeing this band would definitely be a treat as there’s so much intensity and urgency that they would surely translate perfectly when performed at a gig.

All in all, this is a good and energetic album that is an involved and catchy listen. It doesn’t quite have that extra-special spark that makes the piece truly grab you, but nevertheless this is an album that you shouldn’t allow to pass you by.


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