Deaf Havana – Old Souls Review

It’s not often a band can try to reinvent themselves and completely change their sound and it to be successful, Deaf Havana have certainly managed that.

I’m gonna get straight to the point, I bloody love Deaf Havana, I’ve been a fan since It’s Called The Easy Life and I have loved the transformation of the band, it’s not been easy for them but they have worked hard and succeedded.

Old Souls is the bands third album, and the first with the new look 6 piece line up after Matthew Veck-Gilodi and Max Britton joined James, Tom, Chris and Lee earlier this year.

So, what’s it like? It’s a definite continuation of Fools And Worthless Liars but with a more straight ahead rock sound, thanks to the piano work of Max and the considerable use of acoustic guitar, it’s full varied sounding, well written songs full of James’s trademark introspective, thought provoking and storytelling style lyrics.

‘Boston Square’, is a massive song full of pounding drums and big harmonies. Everybody’s Dancing  And I Want To Die despite the title, is a similar sounding upbeat number.

The songs are superbly written, each a little mini masterpiece, James’s voice is incredible, he could sing anything at all and I’d be completely sold, but the lyrics on songs like Subterranean Bullshit Blues and Saved are incredible, he definitely rivals Butch Walker as my favourite lyricist.

The aforementioned Subterranean Bullshit Blues is a huge song, my favourite right now, the female vocal really compliments James’s, and Chris’s lead guitar is outstanding.

The album finishes on a highlight with Caro Padre, a gospel tinged ode the errant fathers, it’s fantastic, the gospel choir vocals definitely take the song to the next level, if this song isn’t a bestselling single then I give up!

Deaf Havana have done it again, released an album which pushes the boundaries of what people expect from them. I was concerned I wouldn’t like this as much as Fools And Worthless Liars but I’m blown away by how good it is, Album of the year?


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