Deaf Havana – Great Hall, Cardiff 15/04/14


First band up on this Tuesday night in Cardiff are Pontypridd’s own The People The Poet. The bands debut album The Narrator is an excellent piece of music and I’ve been following the band since the Tiger Please days so it’s safe to say that I’m a big fan.

Singer Leon Stanford has one hell of a voice and always delivers live, with songs like Take and Stabilisers showing his powerful voice to its full effect.

The Band, Tyla Campbell, Pete Mills, Greta Isaac and Lewis Rowsell are all on top form and draw some large cheers from the almost hometown crowd.

New single Molly Drove Me Away sounded huge, and Heart Of A Lion was incredible. If you haven’t discovered The People The Poet yet then please do look them up, they are one the most exciting bands around at the moment.

I’ve never been a huge fan of The Maine, I’ve tried, but they have just never clicked with me, but I did enjoy the live show and the crowd really got into them with lots of cheering and singing along.

Songs like Sad Songs and Growing Up work well in the live setting and the band really seemed to be having fun onstage. Looks like I need to revisit them.

The anticipation level was really high in the great hall and the cheer was massive when the lights went down and Deaf Havana made their way onto the stage, kicking straight into Lights, a great opener and one of my favourite songs from Old Souls. 

I make no bones about the fact that I am a huge Deaf Havana fan, and have been pretty much since they started so it really is amazing to see them play to this many people and getting the success and recognition they deserve.

Songs like Everybody’s Dancing And I Want To Die and 22 are made for the live setting and pretty much everyone in the great hall singing and dancing. It was great to hear older track Smiles All Round and standout cuts from Fool And Worthless Liars like I’m A Bore Mostly, I Will Try and Little White Lies go down an absolute storm.

The band really seem to be enjoying themselves onstage, with James genuinely appreciating the support the band gets.

This was the last night of the bands April run and they were on fire, James voice sounded so good, especially on Saved and a stunning version of Anemophobia, His brother Matthew took the vocal on Mildred and sounded spot on.

Busting out oldie Nicotine And Alcohol Saved My Life was inspired and ending the set with arguably the bands best song, Caro Padre, was certainly ending the night on a high.

An amazing show by a band at the top of their game.


Deaf Havana: Website
The Maine: Website
The People The Poet: Facebook

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