Deadly Carnage – Chasm Review

deadly carnage chasmItalian post-black/doomsters Deadly Carnage are back with their new EP Chasm, which is a two-track offering recorded to celebrate ten years of activity from the band.

At only two tracks in duration, Chasm does admittedly feel a little on the “light” side, and feels like the piece could do with a bit more bulking out. The tracks are good, but it feels like Deadly Carnage could give more as the EP doesn’t even weigh in at nine minutes in duration so it’s practically over before it’s even begun.

However, that’s not necessarily a reason to write the release off, and one of the best elements of this EP is the passion in the performance – the vocals in particular. There’s a few different approaches taken, such as bellows, screams and clean vocals, and each different style is delivered with passion, emotion and power – and it’s really great to witness! Additionally, the instrumentation flows fantastically, providing crushing heaviness when needed and taking a step back with a lighter approach when needed.

The only real problem with Chasm is that it does leave you wanting more – but this is something that can most definitely be remedied with a new full-length album!


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