Deadlock – Hybris Review

deadlock hybrisAfter being really impressed by the new material that Deadlock showcased on their compilation album The Re-Arrival, I had been eagerly awaiting their next full-length album and to say they haven’t disappointed with Hybris is an understatement. Hybris is ten tracks of Deadlock doing just what they do best; writing catchy songs with big sing-along lines, powerful harsh vocals and soaring guitar melodies.

Opening with Epitaph, Deadlock instantly show that they mean business, opening with a wall of noise and in-your-face harsh vocals before the clean vocals interject, the softness juxtaposing beautifully with the heaviness. Additionally, the chorus is so powerful that I can already imagine the crowds singing along to it in a live environment!

Although Beserk, which was the first single released from the album, is perhaps one of the weaker links of the album, the next few tracks following it are very powerful, with the title track being one of the highlights. It’s got the big sing-along chorus interjected with succinctly delivered harsh vocals, with plenty of standout guitar melodies – the thing that works particularly well about Deadlock’s sound is the fact that the lead guitar line is treated like a third vocalist and is given plenty of moments to shine and take the lead. Another stunning inclusion is Ein Deutsches Requiem, which is their interpretation on the Johannes Brahms seven-piece work, and was recorded in memory of the band’s old drummer who passed away in 2014 and features a minute’s silence upon the emotive song reaching its powerful and moving conclusion.

Hybris is another album that shows Deadlock on top form, and serves as a magnificent introduction to the band’s new female singer Margie, who makes her debut on the album. All in all, a fantastic album.


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