Dead End Finland – Season Of Withering Review

Season Of Withering is an extremely refreshing release. It has just the right mix of melody and synth along with a whole host of harsher elements. It features heavy verses and huge choruses bound to get you banging your head whilst belting out the melodic points at the top of your lungs.

A Unfair Order is a perfect example of this, featuring a wildly catchy chorus so memorable that you’ll already know it off by heart by the time the song ends. There’s something that grips you about the song as soon as the opening keyboard line kicks in and it just consolidates everything that is perfect about this band into just under five minutes.

Similarly, Hypocrite Declaim is another highlight. The keys in this one are absolutely phenomenal and the harsh vocals are incredibly powerful in particular. The more you listen to this one, the more you notice in the background, as there is a great attention to detail interweaved amongst it all – put simply, it’s stunning.

The only thing that slows the album down is the inclusion of a filler track, Bag Of Snakes. It didn’t really contribute anything to the overall release and seemed more like a collection of sounds than anything else, but aside from that, it has to be said that Season Of Withering is a stellar release that should be a part of any music lover’s collection. It’s just a consistent album packed with huge tracks – a real joy to listen to. Check them out – I dare you!


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