Dead City Souls – Self Titled Review

Dead City Souls - Self-TitledThe EP opens with an intro track, Emerge before it leads into a hardcore/hard rock corker, Back Against. It’s got a driving drum beat and a catchy guitar riff that will make you nod your head.

Breathe seems to be more radio friendly because of it’s slightly poppier nature, but Dead City Souls don’t really lose the hard rock element in this track and it’s still a key feature.

There’s a killer guitar riff in Save Me and Dead City Souls uses all the metal to their advantage whilst sticking to the hard rock style vocals over the top. There’s a cool arpeggio style guitar piece towards the end of the track too, which is in the style of Avenged Sevenfold.

Say Goodnight is a track with a killer guitar solo. Hurt No More sounds somewhat similar to Say Goodnight, even featuring a guitar solo at pretty much the exact point in the song. There is little variation between these tracks. They’re both good, but they’re a bit similar.

Watch The World Burn is the final track on the album and it’s more punk in nature. It speeds up and has some cool group vocals. It’s a step towards something a little unique for this band.

This EP is only short, but the band have already really found their sound. A real hard rock primal noise that will only allow this band to build further. It’s a really promising start for such a young band. I think with a bit more honing, the band could take this from hard rock into something truly special.


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