Dead Audio Saints – The Purge Review

Dead Audio Saints - The PurgeMixing heavy bass lines and a funky dose of synths, Yorkshire rockers Dead Audio Saints produce their own unique brand of rock for the UK music scene.

Title track The Purge opens the 5 track EP and it’s a killer of a track. It really kicks off the beginning of where this EP is going to go. It’s industrial meets punk and it has a really catchy chorus.

Tear Apart has a Marilyn Manson guitar riff feel to it with some Matt Bellamy from Muse style vocals. It’s a nice mix that creates a real toe tapper of a track.

Next up is The Game; which is a heavier track. It’s got a slight industrial sound to it and heavy doom style guitar and bass. It showcases singers Danny Jones full range of vocals well with falsetto areas.

Don’t Like You is a really driving punk style track and it’s awesome as hell. You’ll be bouncing the foot up and down and nodding the head along with disregard for who else can see you.

The final track to this 5 track EP is Taking Control. It’s again a driving track and somehow creates a massive sound. This song could easily be a single that would receive regular play on TV and radio. Would be a massive track with crowds in a live setting.

You wouldn’t believe there are only 3 members to Dead Audio Saints as the sound is absolutely massive. They mix up the genres which shows the range they have, but it’s still early days and the band haven’t quite honed their sound fully yet. I reckon they do so much so well that maybe combining the industrial with the killer catchy riff would give them a really catchy but unique sound. With time this band could really grow into something fantastic.


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