Daylight – One More Fight Review

daylight one more fightDaylight provide some power-punk horseplay on their 2014 album One More Fight re-released just in time for their upcoming UK tour. Lighthearted fun with a pop heart, what really stands out is the striking musicianship.

There are moments when Daylight sound like Owl City produced their sound along with your favourite Swedish power metal band jamming punk cliches. However all over One More Fight is a frolic in the dying hours of summer sun with a waterproof alibi for watching the stars come out during a curfew. There are shit-tonnes of moves to jump around with an air guitar to. It’s just a pity it doesn’t come with an instruction manual for that, or is it?

Classic chord progressions tune up to eleven and grind down with the drum track that clicks happily away on turbo mode and the riffs are incredibly stylized for something that comes out so casual. Its easygoing charm is complete with peachy hooks and breezy licks and is anything but dull.

One More Fight is an energetic cakewalk flirting with idea of an evening pool party during the summer nights.  Although technically it’s a pop album, it has a warmth plus flare you can only find with a real love of music, and with that said you might find it hard not to start jumping around like you’re trying to balance pig-tails in tennis shorts.


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