Dawn Of Tears – Act III: The Dying Eve Review

I have to admit that I was ready to write this album off as another samey metal band by the time the sub-standard first track got underway, but something compelled me to give it a chance and keep listening, and I’m glad I did, because I wound up having to eat my words before I’d even written them down – Act III: The Dying Eve is a release littered with some really strong tunes!

Third track Lament Of Madeleine is a great example of just how much talent this band has. The opening is great, with vocals atop some simplistic drums and keys before the track gets a thicker texture when the full band joins in. The keys really add something to this one and there’s just enough melody to juxtapose perfectly with the harshness of the vocals.

A particularly great cut of the album is Silent As Shades Are. It begins with haunting piano before the melody is repeated on guitar, which is a great touch and inevitably winds getting stuck in your head. The female vocals really add another dimension and the guitar solo is another fantastic addition. This track gives so much in its five minute duration.

The album ends on a satisfying high with energetic track Prize Denied. It’s like one last all-out assault of noise with every member putting their all into it for one last aural attack. It’s a brilliant way to round it all up and cements the claim that this band are really one to watch out for – watch this space!


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