Dave McPherson – Dreamoirs Review

Dave McPherson ‘Dreamoirs’


I must admit I’m a huge fan of fund raising schemes such as PledgeMusic, Kick Starter etc. It gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing that I’m directly supporting an artist or band in their next release and more often or not there’s an opportunity to get something other than just the music.

Dave McPherson’s (InMe) PledgeMusic offers just that but not your everyday ‘average pledge’, oh no, there’s a whole lot more. Currently sitting at 246% of goal even an entry level £8 pledge gets you his latest offering ‘Dreamoirs’ plus access to over 150 extra tracks, blogs, video blogs, music videos, streamed performances, photos, competitions, interactive updates & more.

‘Dreamoirs’ is McPherson’s 2nd album offering following on from 2011’s  ‘Hardship Diaries’ and continues with his move into a wonderful folky genre that’s a truly solo effort with McPherson playing and recording all the instruments on the album. McPherson’s vocals take you on a journey which is simply mesmerising at times and demonstrates what a talent this guy is.

‘Snowball’ opens up this offering and immediately puts a good feeling smile on your face as it builds musically and vocally.
‘Lady Luck’ is a favourite with more layers of musical instruments than you can work out at times and with every listen I hear more and more notes dropping in. ‘Kingdom’ however is a stand out simple, stripped back track that is just voice and acoustic guitar combined perfectly before drums kick in to compliment.
The journey continues through wonderfully titled tracks such as ‘Grotesque Is A Beautiful Word’ and ‘Relics of Don Quixote’ and ‘Ambivert Melanconnoisseur’.

Now normally in writing a review I’ll offer my thoughts track by track but no not this time, hopefully what’s written will wet your appetite just enough to check out Dave McPherson and support honest, heartfelt and genuine music by getting involved in his PledgeMusic campaign in the last few days before it closes.

It’s clear that with this album McPherson is further exploring his acoustic and orchestral vibes with strings evident throughout, it’s definitely a chilled album that, if you dare close your eyes will take you on a ‘senses-override’ journey and leave you with the aforementioned smile on your face. Enjoy.



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