Dave Hause – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham 19/03/17


Kayleigh Goldsworthy was first on stage. On stage alone, just her and a guitar, she managed to captivate the entire crowd. While she sang the room fell so silent that you could hear a pin drop. Between songs her chatty, witty personality shone through making her a hit with the Nottingham crowd.

Robyn Shiels was next on stage. Very similar to the act prior, he was alone on stage. He was also unknown to the crowd but everyone gave him the chance he deserved. His catchy acoustic songs went down well with his Irish charm cheering everyone up on the dark Sunday evening.


Dave Hause and his band headlined the night and Dave oozed passion. The catchy riffs and lyrics don’t fail to get the crowd going and starting the set with a Chuck Berry cover of Johnny B Goode, this set the tone from the outset. The small, intimate venue was an ideal setting for this gig and there was a true sense of community in the room with everyone being able to sing along proudly to songs both old and new.

As the set continues, the songs get bigger and better while the crowd get louder and louder – encouraged by easy access to the bar! The chemistry between Dave and brother, Tim, was nice touch to the band’s live performance. They would regularly smile at each other and make jokes between songs. It’s unusual to see a band who are visibly so close as friends and bandmates which added to how well perceived they were by the audience.


Ending the set with We Could Be Kings and Benediction, they rounded up what was an extremely enjoyable evening. This band seem to keep getting bigger and bigger, playing larger venues each time they make a trip to the UK. This definitely makes them ones to keep an eye on!


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