Darlia – Petals Review

Darlia PetalsDarlia is an alternative rock band from Blackpool that is on the rise and their mini album Petals is going to elevate them into stardom.

I’ve Never Been to Ohio is a incredibly well written song, with huge choruses that will get in your head, great guitar riffs that will make any rock fan happy, fantastic drumming that really tise the song together to make an ace rock song and the vocals and harmonies really show off the band’s ability to sing. Queen Of Hearts is a funky fun song. The well composed verses really brings the song together to make it more then just an average rock songs. The use of different vocal techniques shows that the band are really creative and are willing to experiment with their sound which is always great to hear.

The mini album has 8 songs, two of which are acoustic. Their song Candyman, which has an acoustic version and an electric version, is incredibly well composed; the vocalist has such a rich grunge like tone that really brings all the elements of the song together. The electric version is a heavier song that you could easily headbang to while sitting on any form of public transport. The bass in this song is very well written and sounds incredible. The acoustic version of the song really shows of the vocal work on the song and how clever the band are with the way they use the obvious talents of the band.

Overall this mini album is a piece of art. With arena sized choruses, dominating guitar riffs, funky bass and powerful drums its clear to see the band have a bright future ahead of them.


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