Darkest Era – Severance Review

Darkest EraSeverance is the second album from Darkest Era, following up their 2011 album The Last Caress Of Light, and whilst the album doesn’t immediately strike you as being terrible, it does fall somewhat flat.

To cut a long story short, it’s just not that gripping of a listen, with the music serving more as background noise rather than a substantial listen that will captivate your interest throughout. There’s not much variation to the songs and the vocals are a little lacking, not quite sticking to a definite tune, so at times it can be difficult to stick with some of the tracks as a result.

That’s not to say Severance is a bad album because there aren’t any tracks that can be perceived as being ‘terrible’, as there’s no surprises or curveballs within the eight tracks but it’s just that none of them really provoke a strong reaction either way.

It’s certainly listenable, but that’s all it is – Severance is decidedly average and there’s better and more engaging albums out there than this one.


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