Danimal Cannon – Lunaria Review

danimal cannon lunariaAs a long-time fan of chiptune artist Rainbowdragoneyes, when another 8-bit artist by the name of Danimal Cannon was brought to my attention, I had a feeling that he was going to be right up my street but unfortunately, his music doesn’t quite pack the punch that it perhaps could.

There’s no mistaking Danimal’s musical talent, as everything is just masterfully blended together and the tracks all have a great flow to them but it does feel like the 8-bit delivery is a bit of a gimmick, simply added to the tracks to give it a different vibe, and it subsequently makes the music a little more difficult to get into. Additionally, whilst the solos are great and have a nice bit of technicality to them, at times it feels like they’re being dragged out and the album would benefit from a bit of trimming here and there.

The music is good but it feels like this would be a great instrumental prog album if Danimal used a more organic sound, as at present it just plays as an alright chiptune album – but if he was to take a few different approaches to really make good use of the gameboy’s capabilities, this could become something special.


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