D’accorD – D’accorD III Review

D'Accord IIIIf you’re into your prog music, it goes without saying that you’ll love the latest offering from D’accorD. Simply entitled D’accorD III, it’s almost like it has been plucked from the past and placed in the 21st century because it has all the makings of a classic-sounding prog album.

It’s good to see a band that aren’t afraid of doing things old-school. For starters, this is a fully analogue recording because the band wanted to achieve a 70’s sound to it – and they’ve certainly achieved it, yet it somehow doesn’t feel dated. It feels modern and fresh, and is almost like a throwback to bands of the past, which makes for a refreshing listen as a result.

There are some excellent gems on the album and a particular highlights is Here Lies Greed which opens with a flute (!) line and is a fairly energetic number that packs a punch in its relatively short duration with great gliding guitar riffs with great vocals atop. Another strong inclusion is Mr Moonlight, a song which was recently premiered ahead of the release of the album, and it is a passionate piece that really shows off the power in Daniel’s voice and features what could well be described as one of the most magnificently cheesy keyboard/synth solos EVER – fantastic stuff!

For what it is, D’accorD is a great album. There’s nothing that quite grabs you about it, so to speak, but it’s still a good listen all the same, especially if you’re big on your classic prog.


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