Culture Killer – Throes Of Mankind Review

culture killer throes of mankindCrashing mightily into a heavy grind Culture Killers’ debut is a robust entrance onto the airwaves, reminiscent of Machine Head before they were Nu but with their own fierce vitriol. The first album Throes Of Mankind sounds impressive and large. It’s got a taste for flesh like a ravenous beast, and that’s the best part.

With heavy riffs that augment the attitude about the dissension of humanity on Throes Of Mankind, their lugubrious ferocity slices through the miserable depths of mans consciousness reflecting a doleful and indignant side to man-pride. Strong and emphatic this album as formidable as it is true.

However there’s no atmosphere. It’s neatly contained but the broken articulation is distracting when each cadence begins to sound structured like in the previous song. It’s thematic; but filler content is nothing to choke on.  In it’s virtue however when it’s not stomping trying to grab your attention, and instead flowing, it’s one killer and diverse record with moments of heightened creativity.

Brave enough to be standing up on it’s own merits. Culture Killers’ debut is like gristle to a Vegetarian Government. In their apartheid meddling they’ve tagged the wall with magnificent signs for a fledgling artist and given time in the Throes Of Mankind we might defeat the war to compromise our dignities. Meanwhile, let’s not forgot how to make an impact.


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