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We recently reviewed the new album by Culture Killer, Throes Of Mankind. We caught up with the band’s drummer Dylan Blow to find out a bit more.

Throes of Mankind is a very opinionated album, where did the inspiration come from?
I’d say the inspiration was our anger and irritation towards the world around us. It definitely started with Exterminate Filth, and from that point on we knew what our album was going to be about. Each song on Throes of Mankind, with the exception of track 10, covers an injustice that has always been breathing, but many choose to turn a blind eye towards.

The word ‘hardcore’ has been thrown in your direction, is it true?
I wouldn’t jump out there and say that we’re a hardcore band, but we love hardcore, and the hardcore community. It’s without a doubt a huge part of CK, as you can hear throughout our album. We wanted to take the raw force that hardcore exudes, and implement that, not only into our writing style, but also into our live performance as well.

The riffs sound more like the natural evolution of metal from the nineties, why now after the popularity of the Nu-Order (Linkin Park; Chimera; Cell Dweller?)
Initially, the whole point of our writing process was to have fun, write, and play what we wanted to, with no limitations. We all listen to 80’s/90’s Death Metal, 90’s Metalcore, as well as the 00’s nü metal turnover. It was almost certain that it would carry over into our own personal playing styles.

Who is more irreverent to socio-politics in music, Taylor Swift or Drake?
I can respect both as artists, most certainly Taylor Swift over Drake. They are both money-making machines, directed towards the most trivial of human emotions. I’d rather speak of the world’s problems, than bitch about my own.

Where are we going (your thoughts on the future of mass culture?)
As of right now, I’d say that the blindfold is still intact, and I’m no one to say when it will fall. Nonetheless, vast majorities are on the right path to betterment. We could all start by learning how to treat our fellow human being.

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