Cryonic Temple – Into The Glorious Battle Review

SC 320 WebTwenty-one years strong, Sweden’s Cryonic Temple are fighting the good fight. With an arsenal of heavy artillery in the form of wild riffs through golden songs they return Into The Glorious Battle after nine years in silence.

The fifth album from the Swedish power metallers is a concept album with a deep tale. The rich narrative is presented emphatically by singer Mattias L. who given the penchant for cheese in the genre gives a great performance that in surprisingly real. The veracity in his expression of the lyrics is motivation to chorus.

The words aren’t the only uplifting thing on this album. In fact every facet of this album, from the licks to the kicks and the synths to the tempo, merges to become a beast made of solid cadence. Being both motivational and inspiring this is an album to strap up your air guitar and let it rip like a homing missile.

The symphony behind the music is meticulously planned. There’s a hint of 80’s feel good behind their choice in chords and which adds to the hot on your heels feel of the album. Cryonic Temple are riding Top Gun on their formidable resurgence.

However there are sights or sounds to lament, as is the nature of warfare, the ballads while a relief from the neck breaking verses are still preparing their ultimate attack in contrast to the sharp hooks of the brilliantly energetic songs. Although these songs are still packed there’s a bit of hot air left from these catchy pop devices.

Nine years is a long time to travel but when this battalion arrive be prepared to see Valkyries. A power metal force Cryonic Temple with their first concept album are like leaders on the front lines. Into The Glorious Battle is the light fantastic in a dark and horrific no man’s land.


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