Crucifyre – Post Vulcanic Black Review

As far a being Trve Kvlt goes you can’t get more Trve and more Kvlt than working with the same people who mixed ABBA and Gaga. Production wise this album is everything you could hope for on a record. The EQ is so spot on that you forget all about its existance and just enjoy the ride. Now that is good craftmanship.

Yet a good production would be nothing without some classy noise to channel and that’s where Crucifyre come in with their third album. Post Vulcanic Black sounds like it could be a sub-genre of thrashes younger cousin black metal. It shares many of the same influences like Sabbath, Slayer and Maiden. All congealed into one hyperborean mallet of doom forged with the most devilish shades of metal.

The riffs on Post Vulcanic Black hit hard and profound. Determined to leave a lasting impression. Which they succeding in doing because this album is a veritable headbanger that takes you by the scruff of the neck and waterboards you with noise. It’s the good kind of torture. The kind that leaves you emotionally charged and ready to rock!

Post Vulcanic Black also features a new line-up bringing Cristian Canales on bass and Karl Buhreand as full-time vocalist after appearing on Black Magic Fire, the previous album, doing backing vocals and keys. The fresh perspective from the new blood makes for a tight ensemble. Helping the whole album feel fresh by conducting a dose of good energy. Ultimately Post Vulcanic Black is a true hit of heavy metal reality destined for cult status.


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