Crowned In Earth – Metempsychosis Review

crowned in earthMetempsychosis is the latest offering from prog rock outfit Crowned In Earth and it’s a good little listen, nice and chilled with a good amount of atmosphere to it.

It’s quite difficult to get into at first as it doesn’t have the most engaging of openings; it doesn’t quite grab you right away so it’s all too easy to sit back and not give it your full interest, but it’s certainly worth sticking with because ones it does get properly going, it’s a rather stunning listen.

With smoothly delivered vocals and big instrumental sections, you certainly can’t say it’s not adventurous and Crowned In Earth take you on a musical journey throughout the six tracks. But An Echo is a rather slow-paced song, a wonderfully chilled and relaxed number, and then you have Symmetry Of Night which has a bit more get-up-and-go to it, with a wonderful instrumental section in the middle that get your foot tapping and give you the urge to dance along to it!

As a whole, Metempsychosis is a fairly good listen. At times, it doesn’t feel like it’s the most accessible of pieces, but if you’re into your prog then it will be well worth your time to give this album a spin.


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