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xeno crossfaithCrossfaith’s new album Xeno is a worthy follow-up to their previous album APOCALYZE but unfortunately not on the same level when it comes to the songwriting. The album is incredible instrumentally and they’re blending the heavier and dance aspects together, reaching a whole new level that will please both fans of EDM and the alternative scene – and even introduce them to a new genre of music.

The drumming on the album is astronomical and the complex beats show off the diversity of Tatsuya’s drumming ability. The guitar is very well written, although at times it isn’t diverse enough and becomes a bit repetitive, however Tears Fall is beautifully written and the riffs are well constructed to suit the slower song. The synths are on a new level and really bring forward the bands electronic influences.

System X, although short, shows off the bands ability to write an incredible drop and dance song and Dystopia brings a Path To Totality [Korn] vibe to the album.

Vocalist Kenta has clearly improved his English and it shows when you compare the bands albums side by side . His screams and clean vocals are well done and the melodies are catchy. The band also have some great guests on the album too, Caleb Shomo from Beartooth and Benji Webbe from Skindred – indeed, one of the catchiest and best written songs on the album is Wildfire featuring Benji.

It’s a great album, but it is a bit repetitive and they could have mixed up their writing style more, like they did in Tears Fall and Wildfire, to give a more interesting, less repetitive album.


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