Crepuscle – Draconian Winter Review

Crepuscle Draconian WinterIt’s always nice to come across a release with a lot of passion behind it and Crepuscle’s Draconian Winter is definitely an album that can be billed as such. An energetic offering, it plays on their strengths and showcases some pretty good song writing.

Draconian Winter features some great inclusions, such as the mini-epic that is Right Of Revolution, a track whose opening alone features huge vocals and insane drums before things get fully underway, and then you’re faced with a magnificent onslaught of tightly-organised noise with just the right amount of melody.

Unfortunately as a whole there isn’t a vast amount of variation between the songs, aside from acoustic number Remembrance, and there are occasions in the album where it does leave a little to be desired as a result. Crepuscle are certainly talented at what they do, and can certainly write an earworm or two, but Draconian Winter would definitely benefit from a few different approaches to song writing as most of the songs tend to follow the same format.

However, don’t let this put you off, because Draconian Winter really is an excellent listen and it’s an album you’ll definitely want to revisit.


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  1. Thank you Natalie for taking the time to review this! As the main songwriter for this album, I definitely agree with the point you brought up about lack of variation between song structures. Many of these songs were written when I was less experienced with songwriting. Keep an eye out for our future releases because we have completely strayed away from that approach! Thanks again! Cheers!

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