Creinium – Project Utopia Review

Creinium Project UtopiaIt’s always refreshing when bands mix things up and don’t rigidly stick to one genre because it subsequently makes for a much more interesting listen and there are strong elements of black, death and prog all thrown into the mix, along with a few other surprises. It keeps you on your toes and leaves you not quite knowing what to expect, which is a great way to present an EP.

Project Utopia is built up well in the form of a good strong introduction, Societal Collapse, which slowly builds things up over its duration before the EP gets fully underway with title track Project Utopia, a fantastic number that instantly brings the noise and aggression whilst also maintaining some strong melodies.

Middle track New World Order is a clear winner – a longer and somewhat proggy number, it features some majestic synth lines atop of drum lines akin of a more death metal style, and some absolutely powerful vocals to boot. The track has a lot to give and takes a lot of twists and turns as it progresses, leaving you on the edge of your seat throughout.

A thoroughly satisfying EP, and a highly recommended listen.


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