Crazy Town – The Brimstone Sluggers Review

crazy town brimstone sluggersNot everyone’s cup of tea but if you liked nu metal way back when and you enjoy it now then you should definitely check this album out. It’s what you’d expect from Crazy Town sprinkled with some absolute corkers.

The first single Lemonface was instant favourite the first time I heard it, but it’s a stand out on this album that the band have been working on for the last decade. The single was in fact released in 2013, so it’s been quite a wait from between this track and the full album that has seen many singles released already so far (Megatron and Backpack for instance). As you can expect it’s an eclectic mix of sounds and styles due to its long production. Some work better than others, but overall it’s definitely a Crazy Town album.

If you expect some guest vocalists and more on the album, then you’ll get a mix of rock, dance, rap and everything but the kitchen sink on this album. If you ever liked Crazy Town or you was in to nu metal then this will bring back a bit of nostalgia for the genre and era, but it’s not a nu metal classic save for a couple tracks that really shine through with a modern twist on the genre.

Some of the tracks do feel dated due to the length of the production of this album and the topics seem classically typical of the nu metal era, leaving a little to be desired on the lyrics front. It’s enjoyable enough, but it won’t be creating waves.


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