Counting Crows – Underwater Sunshine Review


Counting Crows seem to have been around forever, and with a massive back catalogue it must be tricky to figure out where to go next.

I suppose when you’re as successful as they’ve been you can do whatever the hell you want, like a covers album?

I’ve never been keen on bands doing cover albums, but when I saw the songs these guys had covered I was intrigued.

When you see the likes of; Teenage Fanclub, Bob Dylan, Fairport Convention,The Faces, Travis and Gram Parsons listed together, you know you’re in for a rare treat.

What Counting Crows have done is recorded some wonderful (and sometimes obscure) masterpieces and made them sound like their own, and that gives you a feeling of new and old worlds colliding with beautiful consequences. This album has received mixed reviews from “The Industry” but honestly I can’t fault it.

I think it’s a feel good album for both the band and the listener.

Well worth a listen.



Words By Ross Gurney

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