Counterparts – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff 15/10/15

We catch Senses Fail first. Hailing from America, they don’t take lightly groups of people at the back chatting away through their set.

Singer Buddy (known for being outspoken) makes a prominent speech about women’s safety, about bands taking advantage and calls out for such issues to be recognised. Among this he tells us about his admiring respect for his wife. It creates a courtesy silence within the room along with a worthy applause. It’s done tastefully and everyone acknowledges the spirited moment.

It’s not all serious though as Buddy jokes with the front row, who spend the entire set in the palm of his hands singing back every god damn word.

Their mix of crushing vocals with harmonies bodes well with the crowd. They keep it tight and to the point. Another portion sees Buddy discuss mental health – another issue that shouldn’t be ignored in this day and age. You get a sense of love for what they do and even if you’re not a fan of the music in the room, you completely respect and admire the band with passion.

After Senses Fail strong slot, Counterparts have a lot to prove and it doesn’t take long. The crowd don’t even hesitate to start jumping off the stage – the room is bouncing off these small club walls.

Fists continue to pump throughout the entire set and singer Brendan talks about being able to come back from a support slot at the club to headline and how much it means to them to be able to do that.

The crowd feed off their positive energy, at moments crowding the singer onstage with spirit to scream down the mic. With a mix of back catalogue the band pack energy.

If you had to describe the night in one word, it’d be passion. It’s been an enjoyable night for all.


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