Constructor – Secrets Review

Constructor – Secrets (2012)


I know we have just reviewed the newly released second EP but last year Swansea quintet Constructor released their debut EP “Secrets” which you can download for £1, so we’d thought we’d share this with you as well.

Rocking in at under 20 minutes Constructor have created 5 tracks of intense, aggressive melodic hardcore.

Starting with “All Hell” it is obvious the boys mean business. The vocals schizophrenically change from an angelic harmony, to a guttural growl and back again. The music is melodious, frantic and somewhat unsettling.

The aural carnage continues with the title track. This track is slightly more accessible, although the harmonies have been replaced with an hostile and cathartic bark.

Stand out track “With Teeth” is a wrecking ball of a tune. The entire track is balls to the wall, and sounds like The Blackout mixed with Gallows.

“Bookworm” is the shortest track on the record clocking in at less than 3 minutes. It is also a slow, burning, behemoth which shows that these lads from Swansea can turn out a blazing metal tune.

“Molotov” is fast, angry, and closes the EP perfectly. The breakdown is faultless, the gang vocals add depth, and once again the melody could rip through walls.

Overall “Secrets” is a solid, effective introduction to a band that will make waves in the underground in the coming months.

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