Confessions Of A King – Monarch Review

Formed in February 2013, this 5-piece alt. rock/metal band from Medway, Kent dived head first into writing and recording original music, aiming to stamp their mark on the scene early on with great confidence. After just a few months, having been influenced by the likes of Finch and Alexisonfire, they offer us this, their debut EP; Monarch.

At four tracks long, it’s an applaudable effort from a band a mere couple of months old. Opening track Ashes has a real beefy riff driven intro and you’re expecting something to really pack a punch here when the vocals by frontman Dan Sam kick in. It’s not a terrible vocal by any means; he can carry a melody but the whole vibe of the song is thrown into a state of confusion. It could have benefited from something a little rougher around the edges, although it is an otherwise good song – nice piano segments balance the guitars and drumming well.

Follow up track Crown Of Thornes falls victim to the same issues, only this time round the chorus is the main flaw. It sounds almost out of key vocally, like Sam’s vocals are simply not powerful enough to back the song sufficiently. Musically you’re provided with some pleasant foundations, ready and waiting to be taken to the next level and become a great completed song, but right here things don’t seem to gel at all.

Take Me Home is a much better effort. It has a stripped back approach, allowing it to flow smoothly through the listeners conscience. It’s structured¬†more like a melodic rock song which suits the front man much much better. There is a somewhat sentimental feel to this one, before final track This Is The End ends things on a high note. An unmistakable Paramore feel to this one, think Riot! era. The band have saved the best until last – this is the kind of track you’ve been hoping for, where everything falls into place. The EP’s saving grace.

Confessions Of A King have proven here that they can play well and have shown great promise. If they can focus on their strengths and write music with a lighter melodic approach, which suits the band much better, they can establish themselves as a potentially great band. Until then, 2 out of 4 isn’t bad.


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