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Confession Life And DeathWhen it comes to hardcore, it can be quite difficult to stand out from the crowd as every band seems to follow the exact same song format and structure, and the latest effort from Confession, Life And Death, does little to alleviate this.

Life And Death is a decent enough album with a good amount of energy and substance, and it’s certainly not a challenging listen, but nothing about it quite has the wow factor, which is quite disappointing. There are sadly a few songs that just sound largely forgettable, all blending in together rather than having their own identities, so it’s easy for your interest to wane at certain points.

However there’s plenty of noise and aggression to contend with throughout the album as well, which is great, and frontman Crafter has an incredibly powerful set of pipes on him. Songs such as Old Blood really play on Confession’s strengths with a no-holds-barred audio assault on your ears – you can almost feel the sheer energy oozing out of a song and it’s clear that songs like this are made for a live environment – which is arguably the best way to enjoy hardcore anyway.

As a whole, Life And Death isn’t bad, but it would perhaps be a more enjoyable listen if Confession pushed the boundaries a little and tried something new because it’s all been done before. Rather average.


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