Colours Of One – Apparitions Review

Colours Of One – Apparitions


‘Apparitions’, the new EP from Bridgend’s Colours of One, is a wonderful melee of impressive vocals and tight melodies, splattered with various influences, and very-obviously created with the entirety of the five-piece’s hearts and souls. Just shy of 20 minutes, ‘Apparitions’ will make you sit up and take notice, and remain firmly lodged within your brain for the remainder of the day.

Colours of One have every potential to be one of the best bands to come out of Wales, and while it is possible to hear many bands influences, ranging from Feeder to Kids in Glass Houses, this is by no means a ‘copy’ of other bands’ music out there. The band have a very definitive sound, which is melodic yet punchy; catchy yet by no means cheesy.

‘Dust & Chalk’ opens ‘Apparitions’. Featuring an introduction that one may expect to hear echoed in a stadium one day, it sets the tone for the whole EP, which says ‘we are here to make our mark’.

‘Echoes’, the first single to come from the EP is arguably the best track on ‘Apparitions’. It has a sound not unlike Alkaline Trio and features a sing-a-long factor of 10!

Unfortunately the central track ‘See Doubt, Raise Fear’ does not quite live up to the rest of the EP’s high standards. Starting fairly strongly, it descends into more of a gratuitous, drawn-out “slow” song. Saying that, it probably goes down very well live, as you can visualise the sea of lighters against the backdrop of Mike Simmonds’ vocals, and may well fall into a category alongside The Blackout’s ‘It’s High Tide Baby’, of songs that are transformed by a live set.

Two final tracks draw ‘Apparitions’ to a close, ending with the magnificent ‘Bloom’, a wonderful choice to bring the EP to an anthemic climax. It demonstrates the full range of the band’s musical talent and leaves you wanting more.

‘Apparitions’ is a really strong EP from a band destined for great things. Watch this space.

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