Your Next Favourite Song: Collegians Get Ready To Release Killer New Song ‘Vaccine’

Waiting for great new music to be released can be a real test in patience, especially when that music is exactly what you are wanting to hear more of, right now. This is my current dilemma, and I have Melbourne, Australia export, Collegians, to thank for this.
Offering me the chance to hear their soon-to-be-released, but not-soon-enough, killer single titled “Vaccine”, only seconds in, and I am an immediate fan; and I want to hear even more!

Fronted by the melodic, brooding, and emotionally driven vocals of British-born lead singer Glenn Patrick, Collegians have chosen the powerful voice necessary to accompany their polished dark-synth, alt-rock sound, and for fans of musical acts such as 30 Seconds To Mars, Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons, and Depeche Mode, Collegians have created something truly special for you.

Formed in 2014, Collegians inked a deal with label Cultivator Records in 2015, and have not looked back since. Where many independent bands make the mistake of rushing the finished product, and inevitably having the song fall flat on its face, Collegians have taken their time in meticulously crafting their new track into an emotionally powerful and compelling piece.
On the first listen though, you might not hear all the subtleties woven into each layer of the song itself, but as you re-listen to “Vaccine”, you find that every member of the band is bringing their own unique voice to the table, and their experience as professional musicians is undeniable.

Gerry Leigh channels a raw NIN-esque style of guitar playing, while James Leigh provides beautifully operatic keyboards and bass. The backbone to this song about trying to find hope in someone else, is found in the aggressive, but appropriate, drumming style of Vince Leigh.
Not one member steps too far past what the song needs, and everyone is on point with making sure that Glenn Patrick has a sonically beautiful canvas on which to paint his dark desires upon.

“Are you just another weakness in me?” questions Glenn Patrick, “You’re waking me from this nightmare” he sings hopefully, “You’re my vaccine when I’m sick of me” he offers the pure and damning truth; and that is what makes their upcoming single so enticing, it is at it’s very core, an honest and heartfelt message to someone who holds the keys to another’s heart.

With the single set to be released on August 25th/2017, Collegians have been hard at work creating the music video to accompany their upcoming single, and will be releasing the video shortly after the release of the song itself.
If you are a fan of emotionally powerful music with a heavy focus on raw and honest lyrics, then add the upcoming release of Collegians exciting new track “Vaccine” to your calendars today!
For now, you can hear a teaser of their upcoming material on YouTube.

Collegians can be found on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, and their official website.

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