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Formed in 2010, Cold Summer have steadily established themselves as a fine up-and-coming post hardcore rock outfit. With a handful of well received EP’s under their belt and having played support slots for the likes of Funeral For A Friend, the band decided it was time to step-up and release their first album.

This 8-track self titled offering showcases the bands passion in abundance. You can not only hear but feel the effort they’ve put into this, it’s an admirable hunger that you can only respect. Opening track “The Fallen” switches between melodic and distressed vocals from front-man Dan Feast frequently, before the easy on the ears chorus grabs you with absolutely no intention of letting go. Musically, it’s not heavy but it certainly rocks. Having noted influences including Rise Against, Alexisonfire and Thrice, you can rest assured they know how to pen a tune.

“Ships”, whilst still maintaining bite, is a softer offering, focusing more on the melody and is a very enjoyable listen, as is the alternate version of the track “Waiting” that they have also included. A piano driven number, slow and almost soothing, CS deserve credit for refusing to stick to the stereotype that you need lots of break-downs to sound good these days.

“Processed Lives” picks the pace up immediately with an almost punk rock vibe, clocking in at under 3 minutes, it’s a sharp burst of energy that is no doubt a hit during live shows. Closing track, “A Is For Arson” is, in a way, a victory lap. The way it dies down to a simple drum beat before cutting out, it gives you the impression that CS KNOW that they came, they recorded and they most certainly conquered. This a band sounding confident, and, quite frankly, they have every right to be.

Britain is well known for having cold summers, but this one brings riffs instead of rain. Embrace it.


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