Coldfield – The Silent Review

coldfield the silentCOLDFIELD MAN! Motherfu@$ing Coldfield! Honestly, this review of their new EP titled The Silent could end right there, but I know you want more, so let’s dive in shall we.

This five-member musical juggernaut currently based out of Johannesburg is kicking ass and taking names already in 2017. Fronted by the skilled and versatile vocal style of Sharne V.Z. (ex Midnight Scarlet), Coldfield is aimed at providing their listeners with true anthem-like metal aggression using operatic female vocals as the cornerstone. Of course, any band, especially one as loud as this one, cannot elevate itself to such a professional level without the right pieces in their rightful place, and the talented members that make up Coldfield are exactly what was needed to create such an impressive EP.

Founding member and Guitarist/Bassist Damian ‘D.C.’ Coldfield (ex-bassist for Subrosa) shows his musical prowess on every song that makes up The Silent. Damien Richards embraces the lead guitar technicalities that have driven me personally, more than a few times, to stop writing this article and pick up my own guitar, just solid playing that gets in your head and refuses to leave. Ross Cooke finds that place within every song to put his signature bass skills to use, and to make sure that what he offers raises every track to an even more inspired apex. Lastly and definitely not least, Ryan Greenwood (of Burning Blue, Sidewalk Circus) takes up his place on the drums, where he proceeds to smash his way both methodically and impressively through all five songs that make up The Silent.

Opening with the blistering Paramore-meets-Kobra and The Lotus-meets-Atreyu track titled Nightmares, Coldfield waste no time at all making sure a proper introduction to their unique music style has been made. The guitar riff is punk/metal, the tempo is fast and catchy, and the vocals are spot on and far ranging. Single worthy and a guaranteed star player on the album, Nightmares is beautifully executed in both its construction and production.

Moving deeper into The Silent EP, we come to the current lead single titled Feel Alive. This song truly showcases the obvious control that Sharne V.Z has over her own vocals. Dancing along with the guitars and in between the heavy drum hits, Sharne commands this track to rise above the average with just her voice alone. As if all the members agreed to let Sharne shine to her fullest on this track, that is exactly what she does, and the bands own incredible talents are showcased brightly for that smart decision. If hearing the track isn’t quite enough for you, then make sure to take the time to see them play in their new video.

A personal current album favorite of mine is the title track The Silent, which channels both dark drama and catchy inspirational moments. Turning this song up loud truly opens up the sonically powerful sound that Coldfield creates with their passionate songwriting abilities. Although this song could easily have stretched out another minute or so, there is something immediate, important, and powerful about the quick message and delivery that it offers.

All in all, not many bands can produce an EP as polished as this one, and it wouldn’t be too much of an overstatement to suggest that many indie bands should look to the level of professionalism that Coldfield plays at to gauge where they personal play themselves.

If you are a fan of great female vocals, emotionally driven musical soundscapes and loud music, then look no further than Coldfield’s new EP The Silent.

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